Mid-term evaluation workshop for a new project dynamic

The Comité de Suivi du Plan d'Action et de Réinstallation(CS-PAR) organized a mid-term evaluation workshop of the Plan d'Action et de Réinstallation (PAR)-Ligne1 du Métro d'Abidjan from November 16 to 17, 2023, at the Akwa Beach Hotel in Assinie. The general objective was to evaluate the implementation of the RAP, and above all to optimize and correct the orientation of the project, so that it runs under better conditions and can effectively meet the government's expectations. Five working groups were set up. Their task was to take stock of RAP implementation; to analyze the project's achievements in relation to its initial objectives; to identify and examine the problems encountered in implementation; to propose corrective solutions to the difficulties identified; and to enable informed decision-making. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

These teams reflected in committee on the following aspects: assessment of the land; assessment of the financial damages of companies, monitoring of the restoration and livelihood plan, complaint management mechanism, compensation of PAPs and monitoring of the release of rights-of-way and resettlement of PAPs. The workshop allowed the production of indicator documents, in particular on the state of play of the implementation of the RAP started in 2017, a document on the analysis of the results against the initial objectives and a document on the identification and examination of the various difficulties. The recommendations of this workshop will be included in a final document for the main stakeholders, namely the government, technical and financial partners. 15,241 people are impacted (natural or legal persons), of which 13,000 came to the negotiations and 11,000 signed their compensation certificates. Of these (11,000), 10,311 persons or companies were compensated, amounting to CFAF 47 billion 788 million. Organized by CS-PAR, the workshop was chaired by Mr. Cissé Moustapha, President of CS-PAR, and under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport.